About Us

Scob Courier and Security company Provide Number Of Services To Its Customers
A�At Scob Courier and Security company , we do not limit our duties to the mere, a�?you pay me, I worka�? policy. Our concern for the customer takes us beyond the traditional ways of handling our business. Over the years, we have incorporated many special services to give maximum satisfaction to our customers. Some of them are:
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Diplomatic Service: When deliveries for certain far off places are undertaken, to avoid a possible delay, the franchisee of the particular area will undertake the responsibility of delivering the goods. This way, we lessen the chances of a possible delay in delivery
A�We have taken into account following things in this regard:
1. We provide best courier service.
2. By Air Express, Surface, & Cargo mode.
3. To Our Valuable clients & Customer.
4. And we give delivery to any part of the country, World & any size & shape.
5. Sea Freight
6. Climate Controlled Vault
7. Safe Deposit
8. Private Viewing Cubicle for your Deposit
9. Door to Door
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Safe Deposit

With our safe Deposit you are assured of complete privacy and this is the only area in the installation that is not under camera surveillance, When you are ready, simply press the button to summon the security officer who will accompany you in returning your box to its lock up safe. You will notice that no one but you touches your safe deposit.